Bridal Party

We would not be where we are today without the love and support of our friends and family.  Our bridal party in particular have always been there for us, supported and helped strengthen our relationship, and helped to make us the people we are today.

Matron of Honor- Jessica Simon (aka Twin)

How we met: Jessica and Melanie met through Jessica's now husband, Matt.  They both studied civil engineering at Texas A&M and played soccer together. 
3 things that best describe Jessica: Brilliant engineer; Caring; One of the most organized and level headed people Melanie has ever met 
Melanie's favorite memory with Jessica: "We began referring to each other as "Twin" after everyone we met asked if we were twins (no), sisters (nope), or related (not even close).  I am so lucky to have had classes with Jess all through college.  Civil Engineering definitely wouldn't have been the same without her.  My grades probably wouldn't have been the same either!  Thanks for all the studying help, Twin!"
Where they are now:  Jessica is a structural engineer for a firm in downtown Dallas and her and Matt live in Bedford.  She and Melanie still play soccer together.

Bridesmaid: Julie Gordon

How we met:  Julie is Melanie's cousin (on the Waltman side)
3 things that best describe Julie: Thoughtful, Motherly, and Spastic...just like Melanie!
Melanie's favorite memory with Julie: "Julie used to babysit my brother and I during the summers while our parents worked.  Among other goofy things we did to pass the time, Julie and I would make up choreographed dances for around the pool.  Yes, I know, we were dorks, but they were good routines! (I think...)"
Where they are now:  Julie lives in Houston with her husband, Luke, and their kids, Caleb and Hannah.  She is a full-time mom and part-time wedding coordinator for their church.

Bridesmaid: Krystal Waltman

How they met: Krystal is Melanie's cousin (and Julie's sister)
3 things that best describe Krystal: Courageous, Funny, and Outgoing
Melanie's favorite memory with Krystal: "One night Krystal claimed I was "The Best Cousin Ever!"  She may not remember, but I swear it happened!  I loved all the times Krystal and I got to hang out at A&M.  Her and Rosanne's apartment was always a nice little get-away."
Where they are now:  Krystal lives in Houston with her adorable son, Caedmon and is a science teacher.

Bridesmaid: Blair Williamson

How they met:  Blair and Melanie met freshman year at Texas A&M and then lived together the next three years.
3 things that best describe Blair: Supportive, Creative, and Loving
Melanie's favorite memory with Blair: "Blair invited me to go on a cruise with her after we graduated from Texas A&M.  It was a great way to end our roommate adventure  I know she especially enjoyed the Cozumel excursion ;)"
Where they are now:  Blair lives in College Station and works for the Dean of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University as the Communications Coordinator.  She also has a gorgeous horse, Gracie, that needs a place to stay when Melanie finally convinces Blair to move to Dallas!

Bridesmaid: Magdalena Vial

How they met:  In 8th grade, Magdalena was new to the school so Melanie asked her to be her science partner.  They've been friends ever since.  They also both share a love for soccer and played for Plano East.
3 things that best describe Magdalena: Outgoing, Generous, Sincere
Melanie's favorite memory with Magdalena: "Every time I think of my favorite stories with Magdalena, they involve driving...from broken mufflers in very crowded parking lots to random spider attacks while driving down the highway and road trips with VERY LOUD singing, it was always an adventure."
Where they are now:  Magdalena lives in Fairfax, Virginia and is a financial analyst for Raytheon.

 Bridesmaid: Mary Beth Cleavelin
How we met:  Mary Beth is Nick's only sister and is 3 years younger
3 things that best describe Mary Beth: Creative writer; Dependable; and Can always make you laugh
Nick's favorite memory with Mary Beth: "Too many to name, but when Mary Beth and I attended Texas A&M together a few years ago, we had the brilliant idea of forming an intramural co-ed outdoor soccer team with some friends.  Mary Beth had maybe touched a soccer ball twice in her life, even though she attended many of our soccer games.  I will never forget Mary Beth running through a mud puddle before the first game, to make her shiny, brand new cleats appear "worn in."  I knew then that this would be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime, which turned out to be a comedy of errors.  The team may not have won a single game all season, but it was definitely a funny experience that I will always remember."
Where they are now: Mary Beth lives in Kingsville and is studying journalism at Texas A&M-Kingsville.


Best Man: T.J. Cleavelin

How we met:  TJ is Nick's second oldest brother, and is 3 years older.
3 things that best describe TJ: Talented soccer player; Motivating; and Competitive (TJ, remember always wrecking Nick's remote controlled cars at Christmas, just to prove yours was better?)
Nick's favorite memory with TJ: "Playing on the same soccer teams at Calallen High School in Corpus Christi, TX, and also at UT-Dallas.  Training together and playing soccer together has always been a great time with TJ (even if part of me always wants to be just that much better than him), because of his competitive spirit and he always pushes me to be better both on and off of the soccer field.  I never would have survived running countless 300 yard shuttles during my freshman year at UTD, without TJ running right beside me!"
Where they are now: TJ lives near Nick in Dallas, TX, which is awesome because Nick always has someone to go play soccer with or just grab a beer with.  The other plus is, Nick is never far from TJ's two kids, Colton and Mikayla.  TJ is currently working for a large audit firm in North Dallas.

Groomsman: Billy Cleavelin

How we met: Billy is Nick's oldest brother, and is 9 years older.  
3 things that best describe Billy: Always knows a good movie to watch; Reliable; Very generous (thanks Billy for "lending" Nick money for that ice cream truck that conveniently drove by the house every afternoon after elementary school!)
Nick's favorite memory with Billy: "Watching movies together, trips to Mississippi to visit relatives, and knowing that Billy's birthday cards will always be on time, funny, and clever.  Plus, I always know I will receive a phone call when Billy's in traffic, which is very common when living in Los Angeles!"
Where they are now: Billy currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife, Stacie, where he does acting work. 

Groomsman: Chris Wilson

How we met: Nick has known Chris since 4th grade at Wood River Elementary School in Corpus Christi, TX.  They've been best friends ever since, and Nick lived with Chris for 3 years at A&M, in which there was never a dull moment at their apartment they dubbed "The Ranch".
3 things that best describe Chris: Great travel partner; Outgoing; and Trustworthy
Nick's favorite memory with Chris: "Chris and I have had many adventures together, but traveling to Thailand in February 2008 together, to visit our good friend Chelsea, is my favorite memory with Chris.  It was a trip of a lifetime, and there is no way I would have gone that far away from home, without a great travel companion like Chris.  We met people from all over the world, took pictures with real live tigers, bought custom tailored suits, and ate all kinds of crazy, interesting cuisines (including live octopus on our way back through Seoul, South Korea!)  I will never forget that trip, because I had the incredible opportunity to travel to a foreign country with my best friend, and live it up for a whole week."
Where they are now: Chris married his wife, Penny, in April 2010, and they live in a house in Conroe, with their two cats.  Chris works for a healthcare software company in Conroe.

Groomsman: Chris Waltman (aka Chrissy)

How we met: Melanie's "little" brother
3 things that best describe Chris: Artistic, Loving, Chef
Melanie's favorite memory with Chris: "Chris started his freshman year at Texas A&M during my senior year.  I loved that we were able to share that year together and it didn't hurt that he lived right behind Northgate!"
Where are they now: Chris lives in Dallas and is attending culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu.  Ask him to make you something...he rocks!

Groomsman: Jeremiah Masterson

How we met: Nick met Jeremiah at the very beginning of his freshman year in college at UT-Dallas, where he was one of Nick's three roommates.
3 things that best describe Jeremiah: Musically Inclined; Down to Earth; and Always up for some PS3
Nick's favorite memory with Jeremiah: "During my freshman year at UTD, while living with Jeremiah, we both decided to go get our cars washed down the street from UTD.  Despite being told by the car wash attendant that there was a 50/50 chance of the side view mirror on my Pontiac Grand Am being knocked off (it didn't move inward like most cars, but I had been here before, so I had nothing to worry about, right?), I took my chances anyways.  I will never forget Jeremiah cracking up while watching my Grand Am pull out of the car wash, with the car wash attendant drying off the dangling side view mirror, as if nothing had happened.  After multiple unsuccessful attempts of duct taping and super gluing the mirror back to the car, this unforgettable car wash ended up costing me around $200."
Where they are now: Jeremiah is currently living with Nick in McKinney, and is in the process of completing his Master's degree in Healthcare Management  at UTD.