Our Story

Nick and Melanie met playing soccer on their Friday night coed team, the Shamewalkers.   Melanie joined the team in June 2007 after being invited by co-worker Adam Kane.  Adam also invited Nick to join the team the next season.  (They had previously played at UTD together.)
Just friends....for now

After many seasons of just being friends, Melanie confessed to some teammates in November 2008 that she liked Nick but didn't want to say anything to avoid hurting his and her friendship.  In December 2008 both Nick and Melanie went to a Christmas Sweater Party with some other people from the soccer team.  At the party, Adam hinted to Nick that someone on the team liked him.  (Thanks, Adam!)  Happy to hear that it was Melanie, Nick asked her out the next day.  Come to find out, Nick felt the exact same way about Melanie, but also didn't say anything before so as not to risk jeopardizing their friendship.

Their first date was December 9, 2008 at Olive Garden.  They both instantly knew they were meant to be more than friends and this was the real deal!

 Christmas Sweater Party - The whole gang

Christmas Sweater Party - He's just smiling because he knows Melanie likes him...

New Years 2008

Jessica and Matt's Wedding - January 2009

Typical Nick & Mel picture - College Station in March 2009
 Caribbean Cruise - May 2009

Melanie's Dad's 50th Birthday - August 2009

 Karaoke in Calallen - Thanksgiving 2009

 San Antonio - December 2009

New Years Eve 2009

80's Party - February 2010

St. Patty's Day Parade 2010
 Warrior Dash - May 2010
Beach Soccer Tournament - June 2010
Destin - July 2010
Lake Lewisville - July 2010