The Proposal

Nick and Melanie took a long weekend trip to San Antonio in December 2009, and decided to make it a tradition by taking another long weekend trip to Fredericksburg in November 2010.  They stayed in a cottage managed by a bed and breakfast company.  The second day they were there, Nick and Melanie started the day by getting breakfast at a local cafe.  They then walked along Main Street checking out all the stores.  Melanie noticed Nick was acting differently that morning, and was nervously quiet at breakfast, but wasn't exactly sure why.  After shopping, Melanie suggested they go back to the cottage to figure out the plan for the rest of the day.  Nick immediately agreed...almost too quickly.

Our Cottage

When they pulled into the driveway of the cottage, there was a chair next to the front door with a white box and a broken bottle of wine next to it on the ground.  Melanie immediately asked Nick why it was there, and he just shrugged nervously.  They went up to the door, and not knowing what to expect next, Melanie slowly opened it, only to immediately hear their song playing on Nick's laptop.  (Nick's friend, Chris Wilson, was the accomplice and had remotely accessed Nick's laptop earlier that morning and put the song on repeat to ensure it was playing when they arrived back at the cottage.)  She turned around, looked at Nick who couldn't stop smiling, and then started crying and immediately hugged him.  Nick eventually told Melanie that he was pretty positive there was a very important question he needed to ask her.  She finally let go of him and he pulled out an index card with what he wanted to say because he was afraid he would be nervous and forget.  Melanie plans to keep that index card as a reminder of exactly what Nick said when he proposed.  Nick then got down on one knee and asked Melanie to be his wife.

We're engaged!  (and Melanie finally stopped crying!)

Melanie later found out that the management company was supposed to put the white box (which had chocolate covered strawberries) and the wine inside the cottage.  However since they only managed it and did not actually own the cottage, they didn't have a way to get inside.  That's why the box and wine were left outside.  Unfortunately, it happened to be a very windy day and the bottle had been blown off the chair and shattered on the ground.  Everything didn't go quite as Nick had hoped but at least it made for a good story.

Our poor wine bottle

Afterward, Nick and Melanie called friends and family to announce the exciting news (and of course later changed their Facebook statuses to "Engaged").  To celebrate their engagement, they went to dinner that night at a local restaurant, and enjoyed some delicious food and listened to some live music.  

 The next day at Enchanted Rock